Custom Web Development

Website Design

Tailored designes to reflect your brand’s personality that provides an engaging user experience with a focus on usability.

Front-End Development.

Creating seamless, responsive, and easy-to-use web experiences that prioritize the user’s needs.

Back-End Development.

Building reliable, efficient, and scalable back-end systems that provide a solid foundation for your website and enable you to focus on growing your business.

E-Commerce Development.

Designing secure and user-friendly e-commerce solutions that provide a seamless online shopping experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization.

comprehensive SEO strategies to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines, increasing your online presence and driving growth for your business.

Build or power up your website

with secure, reliable, and scalable back-end development solutions. Transform it into a powerful marketing tool with custom web design with a seamless UX.

Because we have a passion about digital marketing. We’ve already made all mistakes and suffered all troubles that finally gave us the confidence to say that we get algorithms, we’ve got the soul and experience.

We’ll start with understanding your goals and brand identity. Than we will create a strategy that is build to your unique needs together. This process includes everything from choosing marketing tools to building a language. Only after that we’ll perform our magic and give you a unique and professional digital brand that you’ll be proud of. 

What you need exactly? You may need a simple or a multi-functioning website, or social media managment. Or all you need can be SEO work or it can be consistent contents. Or digital ads, or whole brand building… You got the point. Let’s get in touch. We’re sure we’ll find a way that makes everyone happy!

Your website is the face of your business online. It’s the first impression that potential customers have of your brand. A well-designed website not only leaves a positive impact on visitors, but also helps you generate more leads and drive conversions. And beyond all, it provides an optimal user experience, allowing visitors to easily access and navigate your site.

While free website templates are readily available, they often limit your ability to customize and stand out in the crowded online space. So, we build unique websites tailored to your business needs. Our process involves thorough planning and research, and we never use templates. By choosing us, you’re investing in a sales tool that can earn you money, rather than just a business expense.

Updating an existing website can vary in difficulty depending on the complexity of the changes required. Complex changes may take longer to implement, while minor updates can be done quickly. In Hitcraze, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements before proceeding with any necessary updates. Whether it’s a major overhaul or minor tweaks, our team is equipped to handle any update efficiently and effectively, ensuring a smooth process for our clients.

At Hitcraze, we aim to deliver your website within 6-8 weeks from start to finish. However, this time frame may vary depending on the amount of information and materials we receive from you. To make sure we stay on track, we’ve broken down our process step by step, which you can find on our website. So, let’s collaborate and work together to create a website that exceeds your expectations!

Having a website may not be necessary if you already have enough customers and don’t want any more. However, if you aim expand your business, generate more leads, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche, having a website is a must. In today’s digital age, people turn to the internet to look for businesses and services, and to be successful in 2023 and beyond, a robust online presence is imperative.


To get your website up and running, you need a reliable hosting service to make it accessible online. If you’re unsure about which hosting provider to choose, we’ll guide you towards the best option that meets your specific needs. We cover the cost of hosting for the first year, and you’ll receive an annual invoice thereafter. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can choose to host your website elsewhere and manage it on your own. The choice is yours, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

In today’s market, there are various platforms available to create a visually stunning and professional website. However, WordPress is currently trending and standing out from the crowd. While there are other options such as Shopify and Laravel, choosing the most suitable platform based on project requirements is crucial in producing the best results for a website with enhanced credibility and reliability.

Before we proceed with the development of your website, we’ll take the time to understand your brand, business objectives, and target audience. Within approximately ten days, we’ll present our initial designs for your review and feedback. If you’re not satisfied, no worries – you’re not obligated to move forward, and there’s no charge for the mockup. We believe that effective communication is key to success, and we make sure to keep you updated at every step of the way. 

 While we always aim to complete projects within the expected timeframe, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise which may cause delays. We want to ensure that we are able to provide the best service possible, and that includes giving you ample time to provide any necessary information. Therefore, we typically invoice 30 days after the initial payment, by which point you’ll be able to see the progress of your website and have a better understanding of the timeline moving forward.

Absolutely! We empower our clients to have full control over their website. We utilize the user-friendly platform, WordPress, and provide you with all the necessary tools and training to update and modify content with ease, without the need for our assistance. We highly recommend that our clients regularly update their website with fresh content to maintain their online visibility in search engines, and we’re happy to assist and guide you every step of the way.

We completely understand that you are the expert in your field and your unique perspective on your business cannot been fully replicate. Our team consists of experienced marketing and content writing professionals have the skills to turn your ideas and information into engaging content. We’ll be very happy to hear all your feedback and have your collaboration to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. You can refer to question 12 “What if I don’t like the results?” for more information on this.

We make sure your website is fully responsive and optimized for all devices, providing an enjoyable browsing experience for your visitors. It comes as a standard service and there are no extra charges for this.

Yes, we do. With the right adjustments and improvements to your existing website can be optimized for success.

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